Keshla bowing guitar pick

premium sound without a premium price
Function/Feature The Keshla Traditional
strumming strum strums
picking pick picks
bowing bows bow
hammering hammers hammer
slide slides guitar slide
multi-function all-in-one multitask
unique playing edge textured texture
ergonomic comfortable easy to use
expanded note passages accentuated sound improves sound quality
more responsive string contact reverb resonance
less friction smooth string contact slide over the strings
less exertion more playability player fatique

The Keshla can be used as a traditional pick by strumming, picking, or brushing the pick across the strings.

The textured edge of the Keshla can be used to bow across strings like a violin. The angle can be varied to produce different sounds.

Unlike a traditional guitar pick, the Keshla can be used for hammering to produce effects similar to those of a piano by hitting the strings.

The Keshla bowing guitar pick can be used like a traditional guitar slide by sliding it up and down the neck of the guitar, basically impersonating a steel guitar. Ordinary guitar picks cannot do this.

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